Activation Winter Race 2020-2021

  • Aslanidis Dimitrios
  • 24/01/2021 18:29:24

Please we inform you that the activation of the Reserve pigeons by their owners ends on Tuesday 26th January. You can also activate pigeons from the team "For Sale". From Wednesday 27th January there will be the possibility of activating all the Reserve pigeons by any fancier who wishes to participate and continue until the final race. Anyone who wants to ask something can contact us by e-mail or by phone. After the end of the pigeon's activation period the pigeons will continue to participate at the races but their results will not be displayed. The account where you can deposit the value ​​of the participation is the following:

IBAN: GR36 0172 2100 0052 1008 7970 968 


Please include in the deposit the name of the team and the ring's numbers of the pigeons who you wish to be activated.