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Participation and entry at AS GOLDEN WINTER DERBY

Simple fanciers, associations or even federations can participate in the races. The number of pigeons that can participate is unlimited. Each participant can give names to his own pigeons, so that they appear in the result lists accordingly. If a participant has more than 12 pigeons, teams of 12 pigeons are created; the team names can be either designated by the participant or created automatically (eg A, B, C).

Pigeons should wear rings of the current year (2020). The chip code of each ring is available at any time and is sent to the owner about a week later by email. Up to the semifinal race, ring chip codes will not appear in the result lists of training and competition; instead, a code given by us at the time of pigeon delivery will appear in the aforementioned lists. Necessary for the participation process is the pigeon property card upon delivery.

Pigeons can be introduced from 15th August. The pigeons will be placed at a specific space for a 12-day quarantine. Every ten days the entry list will be checked and subsequently displayed on our site. If any of pigeons entered is lost or becomes ill, the owner can replace it free of charge until 30th October.

Pigeons taking part in the races must be vaccinated for paramyxo about 10-15 days before the day of delivery, be perfectly healthy, have a recorded vaccine serial number, and, if possible, a veterinarian certificate. Pigeons before introduction in the loft are to be vaccinated again and the special chip ring is to be placed. If the pigeons have not been vaccinated before their delivery, they will firstly be vaccinated, then placed in a special quarantine area, and finally, after about 10 - 15 days in the loft.


The participation fee for the entry of pigeons in AS - Golden Winter Race and marking of aces is 100€ per pigeon. Every team with 2 pigeons can deliver 2-4 reserve pigeons.

The reserve pigeons  can replace for free the pigeons who may lost after the first race and if there are even more pigeons available , they must be activated after the first race with a cost of 100€ each. The activation of the pigeons must be done with activating all the reserve pigeons and separately. In case that the fancier don’t want to activate the pigeons the organizer has the right to let another fancier activate the reserve pigeons.    

The list of the races is the following:

100 km Orfani

125 km N. Iraklitsa

170 km Thallasia

220 km Mesouni

290 km SoufliI

360 km Elhovo - Bulgaria

510 km Black Sea – Varna Bulgaria


Ace Championship

Every pigeon is able to participate in any of the Ace Championships:

  1. Grandaverage aces (participate at all trainings and races)
  2. General aces (only at the 7 races)
  3. Long distance aces (last 3 races)
  4. Short  distance aces ( first 4 races)




The pigeons that finish up to the 100th position in the final race, as well as the first 10 aces receive prizes which can be viewed in the according list on our site. The cash prize calculations are based on a 1500 paid entries hypothesis. This excludes pigeons that participate for free. If the aforementioned entries are not met, the final figures for the prizes will be recalculated accordingly.



Anybody interested in taking part in the auction must be registered and have an active e-mail account. The lowest possible bid that is accepted for a pigeon is 10 €. Each bid will be automatically displayed in the bid list and every bidder will be notified by e-mail whenever another person makes a higher bid than his. The beginning and end of each auction is displayed on our site. If during the last 10 minutes of an auction a new bid is placed, the auction ending time is not affected; however, the time limit for bid acceptance regarding the specific pigeon is extended by 10 minutes.

For the auctioned pigeons, the owners receive the 50% of the money from the first auction. Pigeons who auctioned through our agent on a website or blog in China, owners receive 30% of the money from the auction. Τhe pigeons which have no pedigree until the start of the auction are excluded; in this case, the owner receives the 25% of the amount. Pigeons that are not sold at the first auction become property of our loft; in such case, the breeders are not entitled to any percentage regarding future auctions. The cost for the final shooting adds to the breeder and the final portrait file can be sent via e-mail upon request.

Buyer of each pigeon is the highest bidder. In case of equal final bid amount, buyer of the pigeon is the first highest bidder. For the buyers there is no extra charge to be paid except of the transport fees. The final amount payment must be made from the purchaser within 5 business days from the end of the auction, and the delivery of the pigeon is to be made from our facilities.

In case of a payment failure or other financial problem regarding the purchaser, we reserve the right of re-auctioning the pigeon at the end of the auction, as well as the right to publish the buyer's information on our site. In such case, the pigeon is given to the previous bidder, if he wishes, or it is otherwise re-auctioned. For any further clarification please do not hesitate to contact us.

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