Arguably one of the most beautiful north Greece areas and maybe the most enchanting and vast beach of Thessaloniki, Perea is surely the most rapidly developing district of Greece. If united, the aforementioned parts produce a beautiful puzzle image; the image of the suburb of Thessaloniki called Perea.

Perea remains away from the endless traffic jams that inevitably take place at the city center and at the same time is still close to the center of Thessaloniki (just 15 km away), 7km from the airport and 30 minutes away by car from Chalkidiki. It is therefore the ideal destination for vacation, relaxation, entertainment and any other similar activity.

The history of Perea begins at 1923 when the first immigrants settled after the Near East Greece - Turkey war. Perea has always been a small and beautiful village a few kilometers away from Thessaloniki center; north Greece citizens soon discovered in Perea a small paradise where the sea and sky colors mix to produce a magical atmosphere. The night walks at the pedestrian near the beach where city lights are mirrored at the sea water, the taverns with traditional Greek food and the trendy bars depict the unique character of the area.

Many hotels, ready to address the needs of even the most demanding clients exist at Perea district. Perea beaches, which are commended by the Greek National Tourism Organisation (GNTO), charm visitors and make a hard to forget impression. The mountain and sea combination offers to the visitors a unique vacation feeling.

Please do not hesitate to contact us; we will provide any information needed in order to combine pigeon races with vacations and we will also help you in regards to both accommodation and transport.

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Train 7
  • 22/06/2018 06:35:00
  • 85 Km
  • 1598 Pigeons basketed
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Train 6
  • 18/06/2018 06:40:00
  • 60 Km
  • 1635 Pigeons basketed
  • 1594 Pigeons finish
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  • 15/06/2018 06:40:00
  • 45 Km
  • 1660 Pigeons basketed
  • 1637 Pigeons finish
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