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Bony Mineral

Complementary feed for pigeons.

Minerals are mostly poorly absorbable by pigeons. These minerals have to be abundantly available for the pigeons to absorb. In the current chelated form, the efficiency of these minerals has increased, which lead to an optimized utilization.

Composition: vitamins, minerals, magnesium chloride, sodium chloride.

Analytical components and levels: crude protein 1.55%, crude fibre 0%, crude fat 4.09%, moisture 88.97%, crude ash 1.62%, lysine HCL 0.4%, methionine 0.2%.

Nutritional supplements: Vitamins, provitamins: vitamin A 1,250,000 IE, vitamin D3 200,000 IE, vitamin B1 800 mg, vitamin B2 (E101) 2,000 mg, vitamine B3 2,400 mg, vitamin B6 (3a831) 1,600 mg, D-panthenol 2.4 mg, vitamine K3 600 mg, vitamin E (3a700) 7.5 mg. Trace elements: cobalt sulphate eq. 6.7 mg Co, Mn manganese amino acid 650 mg eq, copper amino acid chelate eq. 35 mg Cu, zinc amino acid chelate eq. 450 mg Zn.

Use: During the moulting: two to three times a week. During flights: the day prior to basketting and on the day of basketting. Shake before use.

Dosage: 10 drops per litre drinking water or 1 drop per pigeon directly into the mouth.

Available in: 50 ml.

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